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Monday, March 20, 2006

Computer Repair Franchises: Evaluating a Site

Computer repair franchises need a good location to enjoy success. Finding the best site involves several factors, and many franchisors are happy to help prospective owners weigh different criteria and use all available resources before choosing a site.

The following factors are critical to location choice for computer repair franchises: population density; traffic; competition; appearance; and visibility. A realtor might help potential buyers in the search, and could be a good investment.

Franchisors will often be able to give you a demographic report. Even in cases where this is not a possibility, you can find a company that can give you reliable statistical information about population density. The report should include the amount of people in the area, their ages, incomes, ethnic backgrounds and marital status. All these characteristics of the population are relevant to those looking to open computer franchises because it determines the customer base.

Traffic in the area of the potential sites of computer franchises is also very important and consists of several considerations. What is the traffic within the proximity of the potential location? A city’s downtown will probably not bring much business for those needing home computer help, so you probably want a suburban location to tap into this market. Besides this type of traffic, computer repair franchises are dependent upon traffic that drives by the site. How accessible is parking and what inhibits entry to the lot? Having a location that is easy for driving traffic will greatly improve business.

Competition can make or break computer repair franchises. Buying a site directly next to another computer store is not a good idea. You should find out where competitors are located and try to avoid saturation. The area surrounding your computer franchise needs to be able to sustain the business; there can’t be too many franchises in a 15-mile radius.

The appearance of the potential or existing site is critical to business success. Evaluate the parking lots, landscaping, signage and lighting, and for new sites, look into the landlord’s reputation and even visit other properties he owns to gauge what you can expect over the years.

Visibility of the site is very important for computer repair franchises. You want to make sure the location can be seen from the road and that landscaping doesn’t block any signage. Drive past the location from every direction to see if visibility is optimal.

Choosing a site is one of the first and most important steps to opening computer repair franchises, and considering every factor will help ensure a successful business future.

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