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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Computer Reseller Business: The Components of Online Pricing

Many professionals today are enlisting the support of those in the computer reseller business, and the Internet has become an excellent tool for any computer reseller business looking to market products and services. Websites and online auctions help make products visible to people outside the computer reseller business’ immediate community.


Internet pricing involves several different factors: price; packaging; and delivery. A computer reseller business should take all these components into account when setting up an online auction or using a website. Reviewing other websites that are taking part in the same processes will help gauge the market.


Those involved in the computer reseller business need to know the factors of their price. Items like shipping are typically treated as added costs, and most customers will gladly pay it. The biggest factor in price is collecting payments, and every computer reseller business should be capable of accepting credit card purchases. PayPal is another viable option that allows users to have an account connected to an online bank. Regardless of the method of payment, prices should be competitive, but can include extras that can justify charging more.


Packaging is not just the process of boxing the product. A computer reseller business needs to provide Internet packages that appeal to all customers. A responsible business will offer a variety of buying options, including single items and components for those that don’t need an entire computer.


Delivery has to be a part of online purchases. You can deliver to local customers personally to cut costs and help establish a good rapport with customers. For those farther away, you can determine shipping costs by figuring out the urgency of need for the product.

A computer reseller business can experience growth by using website and online auctions and considering the factors of pricing, packages and delivery.

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