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Sunday, March 05, 2006

IT Consulting News: Oracle Creates New Enterprise Search Engine

Oracle challenged Google in the area of enterprise search on March 1 by announcing a search engine that can easily locate information buried in E-mail, corporate documents and mainframe applications. This comes on the heels of an announcement by Google that it was teaming up with an IT consulting firm for the same purpose.

Greg Crider, Oracle senior director of product marketing said the new search engine, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g makes information accessible throughout an entire corporation while not violating any restrictions placed on individuals within a company.

In February, Google said it joined forces with the IT consulting firm BearingPoint to give enterprise search to companies. BearingPoint has already been using Google to provide search services to specific industries. One of the issues of enterprise search has been trying to get search engines to work through all the data sources at a corporation and make an index of the contents. Oracle is the first company that has claimed to easily supply this type of service.

Oracle claims its search engine can simply and quickly index the contents of any standard database system, not only its own database. It can also scour file systems and the databases that bolster ERP and CRM applications, including such applications from major companies such as Siebel Systems, J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle and SAP. The search engine will offer data from the application’s database in the same way the application itself would present it.

Crider does admit that SAP customers will have to customize the Oracle engine so it can reach the innermost parts of SAP application data, but the company provides a tool called Secure SDK that can help with setting up the search engine properly.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g can also index sources such as E-mail systems and documents, web servers, portals and any source accessible through the http protocol or Secure http. The search engine stamps everything with access control information as it goes through the process of data collection. This feature gives specific employees access to specific databases they need without allowing employees to go outside their allowed area of use. Access to information through the search engine can also be synchronized with identity management systems already in place.

Pricing for Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g will be approximately $30,000 per CPU.

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