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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

IT Sales Mean Establishing Client Needs

The first time you meet with prospective IT sales clients, you want them to tell you what their top three issues are. You might find out that the problems they have are not the one you or anyone in your network can handle. If this happens, you should move on. But getting your prospects talking is the gateway to IT sales.


You want your prospects to talk about what they have liked and disliked about previous IT support they’ve received. Finding out about their past experiences can help you find out what they are seeking.

The first meeting is also an opportunity for you to decide if their needs are urgent and need to be addressed within the next few days, or if they are looking for something exploratory like an IT audit, site survey, or technology assessment.

Sometimes clients will surprise you and want something you weren’t at all expecting. Usually, however, your clients will be best served by a tech assessment or emergency services.


The way to get your prospects from the initial IT sales call to surrendering the fee for your services, you need to find out exactly what their needs are. But you also have to have something prepared to offer them and have proposals that clearly and simply handle their issues. Often you can bring blank forms with you to the IT sales call so you are prepared to have them sign in the event they want to right away.

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