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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Solution Providers Praise New AMD Commercial Product

Solutions providers are singing the praises of the new commercial channel program from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). They state that one of the most substantial benefits of this channel program is displacing Dell in contract bids.

Experts state that once AMD can prove to offer better technology than Intel, Dell will be locked out of the market. Dell currently uses Intel CPU’s only in its products, but will be able to use AMD-based systems once plans to buy Alienware go through.

Chad Williams, manager of the public sector at Matrix Integration used information about AMD’s dual-core processors in order to take out Dell in a $400,000 bid to help provide a community college technology system with new servers running 64-bit applications. He hopes that by integrating these new products into a variety of businesses with the help of solution providers and others he can start to spread the word about AMD’s advantages over Intel.

Solution providers throughout the U.S. believe that AMD will prove, over time to outperform Intel, and the company, based in California has enjoyed increased value in the market during the past year. Solution providers throughout the country are noting a significant difference between Intel products and AMD products after having used them in customer sites.

AMD’s first commercial channel program, created specifically for VARs and systems integrators six months ago offers training, tech support, evaluation units and bundled products. The program began with just a few solution providers and now boasts 500 partners globally with most in North America. According to AMD spokespeople, there has been no resistance from VARs and integrators to use AMD products.

AMD has also been working on offering bundles to smaller VARs with the help of TechData, including AMD-based servers with VMware.

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