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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

VARs News: KOM Partners with INCOM to Increase European Market

Leading storage management and archiving solutions provider KOM Networks, Inc. announced recently that it would be partnering with European VARs company INCOM Storage of Germany. This new partnership will hopefully increase KOM’s European presence and help the VARs company INCOM reach more customers.

INCOM is one of Europe's well-established distributors of enterprise class storage solutions. As a part of the new partnership, it will sell and support KOM Network’s storage management solutions to help European clients that archive and protect their data using more than one storage device and operating systems. In exchange, KOM will take advantage of INCOM’s European presence and ability to market expertise to Europeans in search of ways to make their data storage management systems more efficient.

INCOM has been a European VARs presence for over a decade, and was selected as a partner for KOM based on its great reputation and ability to serve customers across Europe. KOM Networks is seeking to make a name for itself in Europe and learn more about techniques that will help it create a more globalized strategy for product development and marketing.

KOM Networks data archiving and compliance software is named KOMworx. It allows clients to archive data on either hard disk or optical media to cost-effectively meet business requirements. VARs company INCOM is reportedly excited about the opportunity of adding multi-leveled storage solutions to its list of offerings.

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