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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Computer Service Company Motivational Tips

Praise is very important to master for computer service company managers. When it is not used in the right way, it can be detrimental to a computer service company. There are five tips to help managers effectively deliver praise: use praise sparingly; be sincere; specify; ask for advice; praise in public. As a computer service company manager, you want to deliver praise in a way that will be perceived by employees as honest and inspiring.


Too much praise can feel phony to employees. A computer service company that praises every single completed task will find employees ignoring comments after a while. Praise should only be delivered when it is deserved in order to guarantee maximum impact.


The praise you give as a computer service company supervisor should be completely genuine. If you are over-the-top or too understated, an employee will not believe you, and the effect of the praise will be a negative one.


Simply telling a staff member that he/she has done well is not enough. You need to provide details on why the job was a success in order to show the employee you mean the compliment. Providing specific details will also help motivate the employee to replicate the job in the future.


As a computer service company manager, you can help offer praise by asking en employee for advice from time-to time. This will make the staff member feel he/she is a part of the company. Be prepared to use the advice when it is given, and if the advice does not seem viable, ask questions of the employee so he/she can come up with the best plan.


You should always try to deliver compliments to individual employees in the presence of other computer service company staff so you can further motivate both the employee being praised and the entire team. Others will work to follow the lead of an employee that has done a good job.

Delivering compliments in effective ways will help any computer service company grow and succeed. A well-motivated and hard-working team is the cornerstone of a successful business.

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