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Monday, May 08, 2006

Computer Service Business: Resources for Recruiting Personnel

You will need to recruit computer service business personnel not only at the start of a business but continuously after that. There are many resources available to those in the computer service business looking to hire employees, and a computer service business manager able to think creatively will attract better candidates. Advertising, referrals, promotions and the Internet are excellent sources for computer service business managers looking for new personnel.


Advertising, while the first thought for most computer business managers is by no means the only hiring tool. Classified ads can attract a lot of resumes, but will not weed out unqualified candidates. Ads can also be very expensive, so those in the computer service business taking out ad space should focus on writing adds that target those with as many of the desirable qualities as possible. Those looking to use advertising should think about using agencies or the marketing department to write the most efficient ads.


Computer service business managers might be able to use a current employee to fill an opening. Promotions can help build morale within a company, but the individuals promoted must have the right qualifications. When looking for candidates, you may want to look outside the computer service business as well.


Many times you can find the best candidate within your circle of friends and acquaintances. As a computer service business manager you can also ask current employees to recommend someone within their network. Be careful with this process, and make sure to screen potential employees the same way you would when using any other computer service business hiring tools.


As a computer service business manager you should scan the Internet and visit competing websites on a regular basis for candidates. Many business recruiters save significant money by using Internet referral services.

In the computer service business recruiting can be very labor-intensive and costly. Make sure to use resources beyond advertising to ensure you get the best qualified person.

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