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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Even More Computer Consulting 101 Tips

Your company probably needs the help of a reputable computer consulting firm, but you might not have any clue as to how to choose the right firm to suit your needs. Computer Consulting 101 offers a series of in-depth questions you can ask when interviewing potential computer consulting firms based on a study of why it is so hard to find good consulting vendors.

Evaluating a computer consulting firm and the expenses surrounding it can be a difficult process. The following categories represent the areas you should think about when formulating questions for your prospective consulting vendor:

1. Is the computer consulting firm a reseller, “pure” computer consulting company or a hybrid technology provider?
2. What are the costs, hidden charges and billing procedures of the specific computer consulting firm?
3. Does the computer consulting company offer client reference accounts, case studies and testimonials?
4. How does the firm handle its own research and development and keep technical skills sharp to keep abreast of technology developments and changing client needs?
5. What is the firm’s training approach and willingness to transfer knowledge to its clients?

Knowing these basic question categories can help companies avoid hiring the wrong computer consulting firms to handle their needs. For more detailed questions, visit the link provided above.

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