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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hitachi's IT Consulting Arm Names New Global Services Leader

The business and IT consulting arm of Hitachi, Hitachi Consulting named Joel Hill as new managing vice president of Global Services. The Global Services branch of the IT consulting company will focus on two areas using two teams of consultants, the Japan Team and the Global Solutions Center Team. This IT consulting branch will focus on identifying global pursuit opportunities and coordinating hiring of new staff to work on the opportunities that arise. The goal of this IT consulting company is to create a more unified approach for Hitachi Consulting.

Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd. was created in April from the Hitachi Group company EXSURGE under the leadership of Paul Yonamine. This IT consulting company will further strengthen the Asian presence and make it easier for Hitachi companies worldwide to work together to best serve the needs of clients.

Newly-appointed vice president Hill stated confidently that the IT consulting company has already successfully established its operations in both Japan and North America. Because of its past track record, Hitachi will be able to expand the client focus and integrate the IT consulting practices in North America and Japan.

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