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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Client Responsibilities in IT Support

There are many tasks involved when providing IT support to clients. The following responsibilities are the most important part of your services.


You will probably have to coordinate IT support with the local phone company when handling sweet spot clients. It could be a competitive local exchange carrier or an incumbent local exchange carrier, and you will want to research the types of connections you need and some basic dial-up networking ideas. Many IT support departments also coordinate tech support with ISPs for Internet access.


Your firm will probably eventually be tied into vertical industry-niched applications, either brought in by you or already in your clients’ plan for future investments. They will ask you to test the application before they make the investment and will want your IT support firm to find out how the vertical application will work with their existing network.


Your firm will need to be involved in training, and it will take many forms. Sometimes it will be formal end-user training, and other times it might be training conducted in small groups. You will also have to train the guru so he/she can perpetuate training in the routine daily tasks of the company.


As part of IT support, you will have to be involved in planning for disaster recovery and checking out the data backup system, antivirus software, power protection and security along with maintenance.

Your best asset in terms of clients is your problem solving and strategic planning. You need to write everything down, get it organized and know what needs to be done right away and what can wait until the future.

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