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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Computer Consulting Business and Client Issues with Cost

In order to ease clients through the process of accepting your solutions in the computer consulting business, you have to stress value and return on investment (ROI) instead of presenting your services as an expense. Even though each client will have different ideas of what is “expensive” or “affordable” with your computer consulting business, you need to make sure they all understand, regardless of their ideals, that your networking solution is worth it.


As an example, if you are working with an insurance agency, it might have 11 employees and PCs running Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional desktop and notebook PCs. The agency might be attempting to hire three new independent contractors (either part-time or virtual employees). Each agent at the company might currently have their own modem line, modem and dial-up account once with the company for 90 days. This means every agent costs approximately $25 per month to support plus message units.


With 40 hours per week of Internet access, the cost of the analog line will go up to $60/month. Then $20/month will be added for a dial-up account, meaning that for 14 agents and employees, your computer consulting prospect will spend over $1,100 per month for analog lines and dial-up ISP accounts. Even if your computer consulting client or prospect uses no component of your networking solution aside from the centrally managed, shared secure high-speed Internet connection, his investment will only take a few months to show noticeable improvement.


Besides monetary gains, your computer consulting business prospect will gain more control over his business, administration and Internet usage monitoring. These benefits are almost priceless in the long-run, so the prospect can already afford your computer consulting business’ solution because they will see a return on their investment both monetarily and structurally within just a few months.

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