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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Experts Say Solution Providers Need to Focus on Customer Relationships and Simplicity

With an economy that is becoming more and more global, solution providers are starting to question their role. According to expert IT marketing consultant Geoffrey Moore, solution providers need only focus on their strengths with customer relationships and keeping it simple.

Moore feels that VARs and solution providers need to get more creative about marketing, and that up until recently American IT companies have had the advantage. If a foreign company wanted to compete in the industry, it had to create a U.S.-based branch of its business. The increase of broadband service throughout the world is quickly changing the landscape for solution providers and IT professionals, forcing American companies to expand their reach and foreign companies to find their businesses more in the game.

Moore states that American companies that focus on their customers and not just technology advancements will have the advantage in the new marketplace. Solution providers that are diligent about maintaining and strengthening relationships with their clients will thrive.

Moore spoke at the Citrix Online launch seminar of GoToWebinair in New York City last Thursday on this subject and others. His assessments were consistent with reports that research and development spending among competitive IT companies has been reduced recently.

More information on Moore’s commentary about solutions providers and their role in the current economy can be found in the attached link.

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