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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

IT Support: Are You Covering all the Bases?

When you start to develop a new IT support business, the owners are usually doing all jobs, including sales, technical work and administrative work. This trend will continue until the company has a large enough collection of clients to be able to pass certain tasks along to a salesperson or some separate technical experts. Wearing so many hats in IT support is necessary at the beginning but can change with time.


Many IT support professionals are not necessarily comfortable filling every role. Some may not be comfortable in a tech capacity, while others might not be great at administrative support. Unfortunately, those that can’t do all these relatively well are already behind the competition. You firm will be competing for sweet spot clients against single consultants that may be working out of their homes with no overhead, and they will typically have fairly good technical skills and be very good at sales.


Just because you currently have a good technical person doesn’t mean you can’t make him into a very good full-time salesperson. But an IT support business takes time to develop, and the owner has to usually be both the salesperson and the technical go-to guy. As your company starts doing more business, you can begin to subcontract out some of your overflow or specialty work to others, allowing more time for sales calls.

When you are at a point where you can deal with the same subcontractors for consistent projects, you can start the process of getting someone on permanent payroll.

Make sure you remember that in the IT support industry some of your competition will be better at sales and technical issues right away than you are. Keep track of them as you grow your business.

Created By: Computer Consulting Kit