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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Staying Away from Small Business Computer Consulting Moochers

Even when you are just starting out in the small business computer consulting business you will find yourself confronted with a lot of moochers. Whether you call these computer consulting problems vampires, cheapskates or freeloaders you have to cut them off from the beginning to save your business.


You need to make your mission clear to prospects that have unrealistic visions of the cost of professional computer consulting services. It is your job to convince them that hiring your firm is an investment towards their future business rather than just an expense. Highlight the concrete benefits of what your computer consulting firm can deliver and how this outweighs any out-of-pocket costs prospects or clients might find painful.


Because you are selling very specialized computer consulting services, your mission and value predictions will be different from your competitors. To convince potential moochers and regular clients that your firm is the best option, the following tool is important.

Look for small business decision makers that pay for other B2B services, including accountants, legal services, PR services or marketing efforts. These prospects will already be accustomed to paying for highly skilled professional services that cost $100 per hour , so the idea of having a retained professional services provider at $1,000 per month or more will not be surprising.


Your sales staff will find it more efficient to go after leads and prospects that are qualified than to try to talk potential freeloaders or those without a clue about computer consulting value into accepting your solutions. In your area there will most likely be hundreds, if not thousands of leads and prospects that understand the value of computer consulting services, leaving you no excuses to go after small businesses that might suck you dry of time and resources.

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