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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Computer Consulting and Time Management

As a busy computer consulting expert, sometimes you might wonder how you are going to complete all necessary tasks. You need to find long-term business-to-business computer consulting clients, but you are most likely already working upwards of 60 hours per week. There are strategies you can use to best manage your time in the computer consulting field.


Look at what tasks and obligations take up most of your time and figure out if you can delegate, automate or eliminate entirely some aspects. If you are building PCs and putting in motherboards and power supplies for ten hours or more per week, you can probably afford to have someone else do it. Similarly, tasks like minding a computer store can be given to another able-bodied person.


You should be able to look at your staff and figure out what tasks can be delegated to members. Delegation can sometimes free up a day to a day and a half per week to start looking for viable business-to-business computer consulting clients.


When you find yourself with this valuable extra time after delegating responsibilities, go to networking events, plan marketing campaigns, go on sales calls and make follow-up phone calls in order to find potential long-term clients that can truly help grow your computer consulting business.

Even if you are working many hours, you have to find some way to free up time and manage efficiently and effectively. Planning how to develop contacts and clients for your computer consulting business is critical to its future.

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