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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Extreme Importance of a Business Merchant Account

Everyone that wants to accept credit cards as part of business transactions needs business merchant accounts. They are not limited to those reselling products, and are a good idea for any sale, particularly sales to new customers. If you have a business merchant account, you will not find yourself trying to collect outstanding debt. The cost of business merchant accounts is reasonable, and you no longer need credit card processing gear to make them work. Business merchant accounts now run on a lab terminal offering very secure systems and partnership opportunities with large companies.


Costco gives professionals a great arrangement for credit card processing with the help of Nova Systems, and actually pays for your whole Costco membership. These are the details:

All monthly statement and gateway fees are non-existent, giving you a $25-$50 monthly savings;

The plan offers very aggressive discount rates for those using Visa and MasterCard;

You can add American Express and Discover card acceptance and increase the convenience for your clients and serve a larger base of people in small business;

The charges are billed quickly and put directly into your bank account, giving you a faster response time for billing and invoicing, particularly if you do it once a week.


Paypal has become increasingly popular for those looking for alternate options other than traditional business merchant accounts. It’s easy to manage and setup is free. However, these types of business merchant accounts are restricted when it coms to how you can withdraw money. Also, Paypal is a service associated with ebay, and can be seen by some in business as a hobbyists payment method rather than a valid form of professional payment.

Business merchant accounts can help speed up the payment process. Although business merchant accounts have fees, the customer convenience is unmatched.

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