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Saturday, July 15, 2006

IT Sales: What Do Your Clients Need?

In order to be successful at IT sales, you need to ask specific questions of your customers to determine their needs. You need to know pretty quickly whether the customer wants a tech assessment, IT audit or site survey and then get them to sign.

Your first meeting with IT sales prospective customers should involve a discussion of their three main issues. You might discover these prospects have problems that do not fall within your area of expertise, in which case you can move on. If not, getting prospects to discuss IT sales is incredibly important.


You want prospects to talk about what they have liked and not liked about previous IT support methods. Their comments can help you better know what they will need from you.

This first meeting is also when you will determine whether their problem is an emergency or if it’s a chance for a longer term service, such as an IT audit, site survey or tech assessment. Sometimes prospects will want entirely different services than what you expect. They may not have an emergency or need a tech assessment, though most of the time these are the two main categories.


Moving from free to fee during the IT sales call is a critical step, and one that is dependent upon you knowing prospects’ specific needs. You should be ready to offer prospects something concrete, complete with proposals that will take care of their deepest needs. Bring blank forms with you so you are ready for the best case scenario of IT sales.

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