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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Solution Providers Get New Monitoring Tool from AdventNet

AdventNet recently announced a new product for solution providers searching for the right MSP monitoring platform and are offering a free test of AdventNet’s OpManager MSP version 6002. This platform has new features and gives solution providers the option of using free 30-day trial versions of the full product with as many customers in as many locations as they want.

OpManager MSP 6002 is downloadable and is a good foundation for MSP businesses, allowing solution providers to remotely control many aspects including monitoring, troubleshooting and the generation of very detailed reports regarding customer networks and machine performance. This version improves upon the report scheduling function along with CPU, memory and disc utilization reading. OpManager MSP 6002 also offers better active directory integration.

The trial versions of this program can be used by solution providers to sell MSP services and gauge the customer’s network, leading to future hardware and software sales. Solution providers just have to pay for customer licenses if clients use the product beyond 30 days. New trial versions are unlimited and can be downloaded 24 hours a day.

According to AdventNet, this new product can help gather new customers for solution providers that are MSPs and help cut licensing fees while still introducing the product. Solution providers can avoid the expensive process of keeping a seat license inventory from many different vendors and allows for much more streamlined purchase of licenses.

Companies like Kaseya that sell their licenses in blocks, causing solution providers to often have more than they need also sell free 30-day trials of products, but not in bulk like AdventNet’s new offering. Kaseya does sometimes extend this 30-day period, but only if the company perceives that the sale will be closed.

For further specifications on the new OpManager MSP product, solution providers can visit the link above. AdventNet has solution provider partners globally and developers but does most of its business in the United States.

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