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Monday, July 24, 2006

Why You Need Paying Customers During the Start-Up Phase of Computer Consulting

No matter what the level of your computer consulting services during start-up, your firm should get paying clients that are in line with your technical skills. Start with home offices or small businesses and companies with simple P2P networks just to get some paying clients and some decent references.


You need to move beyond simple clients and one-shot deals eventually because you want your small business computer consulting company to be dependent upon recurring revenue retainer agreements and more complicated solutions. Still, during the start-up phase of a computer consulting business smaller accounts can be helpful. Still, you should move steadily towards the more sophisticated long-term accounts.


If you suspect that your low level of technical training is keeping you from getting clients with more complicated solutions, make time each week, even just two or three hours for training. You can use tutorials and resource kits and install your not-for-resale software for practice and break the installation to look more closely at the setup.

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