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Monday, August 21, 2006

Computer Consulting 101: An Easy Fix for Any PC

All businesses should enlist the support of a good local computer consulting business, but some computer problems require little time and no money to fix. And you don’t have to have certifications or even much computer knowledge to repair simple issues.

The best piece of advice for anyone using computers is reboot first. If you are panicking, you may not think to try this simple procedure, but studies have shown that ten to twenty percent of the time, rebooting is what fixes a problem and avoids spending money and time calling a computer consulting firm.

The reboot process is simple:

1. Exit out of files and programs.

2. Go through a shutdown and restart sequence as prompted by your PC.

3. If your problem may be hardware-related (if it involves a mouse, keyboard or sound card), go one step further by going to the start menu, shutting down your PC then turning the power off for a minute or so before starting it back up again.

Many times your problem will resolve itself by going through these simple steps. And because calling a computer consulting firm is expensive, and when the problem is so simple to fix, also a bit embarrassing remembering to reboot first will save computer consulting budgets and your ego!

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