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Monday, August 07, 2006

Direct Mail Postcards and How to Use Them for the First Time as Solution Providers

Direct mail campaigns can help solution providers get to many clients with just one mailing. There are several techniques that can help solution providers maximize the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign:

1. When mailing over 1,000 pieces, use two different headlines to test the effectiveness of each. On a similar note, you should also test which headline changes more inquiries and prospects into customers.

2. Put your name and photo on the direct mail campaign postcards.

3. Add a sentence from a benefits-centered testimonial provided by a local small business owner.

4. Use the two-step selling process as part of your direct mail postcards campaign. You can offer small business owners something for free that they just can’t pass up, forcing them to fill out a qualifying questionnaire. Free items could be booklets, CDs or DVDs.

5. Instead of a free product, you could also offer a free needs analysis appointment or a free initial consultation. Stick to a strict 30-45 minute time period.

6. Free offers will build trust when used as part of direct mail postcards campaigns, which means as solution providers you must follow through with the offers.

7. Present a seminar, which are a good addition to any successful business plan and can be offered through a thorough direct mail campaign.

8. Set a deadline for free offers, typically approximately 14-30 days from the time of the mailing. You can also limit the quantity of the free product or service to the first X number of customers.

Direct mail campaigns tend to be somewhat impersonal so creativity when planning them will go a long way to getting people to respond. Add personal touches, testimonials and free offers as part of the plan and you will get the most out of your direct mail campaigns.

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