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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Group Membership

Business groups are a great way to gain marketing and networking opportunities in the computer consulting business. But you have to join the right business group to suit your needs and become an active member.

Typically there are multiple business groups in one area, so you have to choose wisely to get the most out of your time. The following rule will help you make the right decision about your business group:

The bigger the business group is, the better. Big business groups tend to get more active members to attend networking events, and if there are more people in the room, you have a better chance of connecting with future sweet spot clients. You have to attend business group meetings to meet people and make contacts.

With business group marketing, as with any other type of marketing you have to deal with awkwardness and some rejection, but you have to be persistent. The following tips will help you hang in there:

1. Go into each business meeting with a positive and confident attitude instead of a negative or intimidated one that will convey the wrong message to members.

2. Look towards the business groups within a one-hour radius of your location rather than the first one you find.

3. Attend at least two business group meetings before making a decision about membership.

4. Be patient. You won’t meet your ideal contact in the first hour of a business group meeting.

5. Travel outside your comfort zone and mingle with other attendees. Start by approaching the people that look awkward and talking to them.

6. Seek out accountants, engineers, controllers, operations managers and other analytical members that aren’t natural talkers. These people will make great referral contacts because many of them are decision makers.

Remember that you will get back what you put into business group marketing, so make your interactions count.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg