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Monday, August 14, 2006

How to Transform Computer Consulting Leads into Prospects

As someone in the computer consulting field, you may find it challenging to figure out which of your leads will make the best prospects.


The first way to find prospects is to determine your industry focus. You need to reach out to your target market and stand out, because everyone in the computer consulting industry is looking for the same advertising techniques, hardware services and LAN.


When thinking about computer consulting leads, you should go after three different size audiences. The first is the micro small business that has just a few PCs. The mindset of the business owner is more important than the number of PCs, but micro small businesses typically have a very small number of employees and PCs and is not looking for sophisticated computer consulting services.

The sweet spot is the next step up and is where most computer consulting professionals do the best. This size is marked by 10-50 PCs. Many experts state that the two to one ratio is good across many different industries, so if you are maxing out at a 50-seat LAN, this typically means a 90-100-employee business. Typically this size of company needs IT services a lot more than others because downtime is suddenly expensive. You can figure out their losses and gains by looking at their annual revenue and dividing it by 250 business days per year and eight hours a day. For example, a company with $4 million a year in revenue that has 2,000 business hours a year is probably losing $2,000 an hour when their system is down. You as a computer consulting expert can save them long-term money by helping them.

When you get to the range of companies that have 50 PCs, 100 PCs or more, you are getting into the borderline of the top of small business and into medium-sized businesses. This is when the IT services bills your company gives are comparable to the salary of a full-time IT manager. They typically will not outsource this type of work because it makes sense for them to hire their own on-site IT person.

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