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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Initial Set of Tricks for Solution Providers in Training Seminars

Solution providers should think about using training seminars as a marketing strategy in order to learn skills that can increase trust and credibility in the industry. This initial set of tips can help you as a solution provider when sponsoring training seminars:

1. Training seminars are marketing tools and not just charity work for others. This means you have to make the seminar worthwhile for attendees while putting forth a clear sales message for yourself.

2. You should choose a training seminar topic that will interest your target. Survey people within your network – at least 10-20 – to figure out what might be most appealing.

3. Keep track of commonalities between respondents when giving an informal pre-survey. Add these additional topics to the current training seminar when relevant, or simply use them for future sessions.

4. Know the topic you choose well to prove your strengths instead of illuminating weak areas.

5. Make a clear RSVP date and offer limited space. These two elements should be clear when you are sending out announcements for the training seminar so people will register on time believing your event to be in high demand.

6. Send a confirmation in writing to all that register for the training seminar to help ensure attendance. You can even make calls the day before as an extra measure.

7. Provide a check-in system so you can track attendees. Follow up with registrants that don’t end up coming to the training seminar to let them know they are important.

8. Make a survey for the training seminar that people can fill out at the end. You can provide a free report or CD along with other seminar materials to those that finish them. The information attendees put on the survey will give you ideas for marketing, leads and referrals in the future.

9. Give a special offer to those signing up for your featured service and make the offer only available for a limited time. Therefore attendees will have to decide quickly while they are still thinking of what you offer.

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