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Monday, August 28, 2006

IT Support and Your Level of Expertise

In the realm of small business IT support, specific levels of expertise can be all over the map depending on the work you are doing. What level of expertise does your IT support business need, and what skills do you and your employees truly need?


You will find experts at every IT support level. In big enterprise IT, you will typically have a range that goes from help desk technicians to senior systems engineers. You will also find CIOs. There will be many different levels of expertise within these ranges as well, but in a perfect world, each employee will be an expert at his/her specialty.

Your IT support contractors and staff should follow the same guidelines as these experts. You probably will have some technicians with simple skills like hard drive installation or a LAN adapter installation as well as some other staff members that are good with P2P networks or basic servers. You might also have those in IT support that are really good at firewalls and servers and networking along with other very sophisticated items.


The most successful IT support people are good at either technical aspects or sales. But one of the most important elements of IT support is people skills. The ability to coordinate projects involving people is particularly helpful with big projects that have many components. For example, you may be installing a 10 or 25-node network and need to coordinate with many vendors and solution providers. A lot can go wrong, but having project management, administrative management and account management skills are all vital to IT support.

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