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Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Product For Solution Providers: A Box of Systems Integration

Cast Iron Systems recently released a new product for solution providers, iA3000, which provides an innovative way to carry out integration development. The iA3000 started shipping in May and includes an appliance that can help integrate applications in need of point-to-point integrations.

This new appliance for solution providers gets rid of the need to use specialized experts for integration because it lets programmers integrate the systems themselves, allowing solution providers to better manage integration jobs.

The new product from Cast Iron is not a sophisticated product like those offered by WebMethods, Tibco or Vitria, but it is perfect for almost all midsize and small projects, according to experts at CRN. Cast Iron also offers the iA3000-SF appliance that can help with integration with external systems of all types.

The iA3000 is excellent for the midsize market, a place where clients frequently employ system integrators to build customized solutions. Custom solutions offered by solution providers can be very complex, the introduction of the simplifying iA3000 can help streamline the process of integrating components for critical systems and get companies up and running faster. Traditionally, all parts in complicated systems are maintained by two to three IT groups, which can get pricey. The iA3000 can decrease costs because it reduces maintenance and allows single solution providers the possibility to conduct entire projects.

The iA3000 for solution providers software helps with inter-system connectivity, data transformation and mapping, workflow and important management functions. There are many connective end points for the iA3000 and the product comes with drivers for all the major databases, flat files, HTTP, inbound/outbound e-mail among others.

The iA3000 connects to SAP using BAPI and iDOC and supports major packaged back-office applications, including PeopleSoft, Siebel and Oracle. In order to connect to legacy mainframes and midrange servers, customers have to use web services wrappers of link to DB2 databases.

For more information on the many features of the iA3000, please visit the above link. This new product will help solution providers offer better service to customers and improve project efficiency. Cast Iron Systems is making plans to announce a channel partner program in September.

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