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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Your Computer Consultant Business: 5 Steps to Startup

Before you start a computer consultant business, you have to get organized! The following steps can help you get ready to open your doors.

1. Print Your Business Cards. Even if you don’t think your cards are going to be good forever or if you believe you will eventually change your company name or any other information, you need to at least make a card with your information on it to get momentum going. Reprinting is always possible, but you have to be prepared to hand out some business cards to friends and family members.

2. Announce Your Computer Consultant Business. When you find yourself in networking situations, meeting people in any capacity, you will have a chance to tell them about your computer consultant business and even hand out business cards. These people can become invaluable to you, so you need to talk about your endeavor whenever possible. You never know who you’re going to meet!

3. Be Active in Your Business Community. You should get involved in local organizations where small business owners meet, like trade groups, etc. Find a few high-quality local trade groups like your chamber of commerce, user group or industry-specific trade group and start attending key events.

4. Start in a Place that Suits You. You should start where you know, pick an industry focus where you come from when choosing how to build your computer consultant business. If you start with a niche in which you’re already familiar, you will already have some credibility (which is critical!). You will have an easier time coming up with a marketing message that resonates and sets you apart from every other computer consultant business in the phone book.

5. Are There Enough Prospects in Your Niche? Focus your marketing efforts on your niche, but only after you decide you have at LEAST 500-1,000 prospects in a one-hour radius of where you are that fit your ideal qualifications for potential customers and clients.

Today we talked about some tips for starting your computer consultant business. To learn more about this topic, visit the attached link.

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