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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

News for IT Consultants: Zeus Partners with IXEurope

The latest news for IT consultants is that top software provider Zeus Technology, based in Cambridge will be partnering with IXEurope. This new relationship will be the only traffic management software offered by IXEurope as part of its IXExchange community portal.

IXEurope is a leading and steadily growing provider of datacenter services and uses the IXExchange portal as a reference library that provides information to IT consultants and others about specific services and products. Other customers of IXEurope, besides IT consultants include managed service providers and network service providers. The Zeus and IXEurope combination, called ZXTM will offer different organizations a thorough plan for traffic management, network security and resource optimization to make interaction between different application services more efficient.

Zeus is accompanying a network of approved partners providing IXEurope customers many different IT and networking systems that help better facilitate performance in datacenters. The ZXTM is an expansion of Zeus’ activity within the IT consultants channel that up until this point has included OEM and licensing agreements.

As Zeus grows, more customers are using the datacenter services to host and manage business applications, according to spokespeople for the company. Since the traffic and performance needs of companies is increasing as technology expands, ZXTM will become more necessary and in demand for those looking for more flexible and long-term solutions.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg