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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why You Need Small Business Development as IT Consultants

Computer expert Joshua Feinberg of Computer Consulting 101 states that you need small business development in order to start out as IT consultants. Your name needs to be floating around the community as much as possible if you are going to succeed in the industry. Because business will not come to you, there are many small business development techniques that can start IT consultants out on the right foot.

The best way for IT consultants to further small business development is to make contact with business organizations. You should cover your entire region, which will take time and effort. You should plan to go to 8 to 12 business organization events per month, spending at least 15 to 25% per year on small business development. This means that for every 40 hour work week, two days should be spent on small business development building.

While contacting business organizations is the best method for small business development, other activities include the following: follow-ups, targeted direct mail campaigns, seminars and networking.

Before you have real clients, you will spend 50 – 80% of the time on small business development. Once you’re more stable, you can cut down on your small business development activities, going to four to sex events a month and then later two to three.

Administrative tasks and IT training takes the back seat to small business development when you are first starting as IT consultants. You can get back to those items once you have built relationships with a good number of long-term clients.

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