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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Computer Business IBM Gets Anti-Trust OK to Buy MRO Software

Computer business IBM recently decided to make a move to buy MRO software to add to its list of offerings. Initially, antitrust authorities held an investigation of the potential transaction to make sure it abided by all necessary guidelines. The authorities had a set amount of time to determine whether or not the computer business was violating any important sanctions and underwent a thorough examination of the plan.

Antitrust authorities closed their investigation into the cash transaction this week and decided they would not be blocking it, according to an official notice submitted by the Federal Trade Commission.

MRO offers software and consulting to help companies purchase a variety of assets for their businesses. MRO also helps companies maintain and retire assets that include production equipment, transportation, IT hardware and software and facilities. IBM hopes the addition of MRO’s software will help the computer business expand its products and services.

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