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Saturday, September 23, 2006

IT Consulting Business Start-Up: The Strength of Client Relationships

At the beginning of the life of your IT consulting business, you may miss some details and make some of the common mistakes others have made before you. If you start out moonlighting, having your own IT consulting business can sound so appealing that you may not plan appropriately as you transition into full-time IT consulting.


Not everyone is capable of running a full-time IT consulting business. There are two common mistakes professionals make with new IT consulting businesses: taking on clients that can never become steady; bothering to continue relationships with non-steady clients.

You should only be seeking steady clients when starting your IT consulting business, and finding these individuals is actually not as difficult as you might expect.


Steady work will make or break your IT consulting business. When you are moonlighting, you look for clients that need you about one or two nights per month and one or two Saturdays and Sundays on the phone in between these meetings. A client situation such as this one could bring you $800 to $1200 monthly. When qualifying steady clients, look for someone that can afford at least $500 per month on a regular basis.

If you find yourself moonlighting with clients that don’t have at least a $500 a month need or the ability to pay that much, you will find the transition to full-time IT consulting nearly impossible.

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