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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Best Way to Use Your Time During Sales Calls

Making sales calls is a challenging process and requires specific techniques and procedures. Many IT consultants are not well-versed in the sales process, and uninitiated sales calls can be scary. As an IT consultant, you need to see sales calls in the right light and fully understand the range of outcomes you might receive. When you properly analyze these factors, you can start to develop the tools you need to be an expert on sales calls.


During the process of a sales call, you need to guide the prospect’s decisions. Your questions should entice them into hiring you rather than push them into using your services. If you are successful during a sales call, the client will be pushing you to take them.


Every sales call will have one of four outcomes, two good and two bad.


1. The client needs emergency service. A lot of sales calls will end in this manner; something will be broken and need to be fixed. You might fix it right away and prove you know what you’re doing, are good with people and are trustworthy. You could end up with a couple hundred dollars in revenue and confirmation that the client is willing to pay for your services.

2. The client will be interested in your IT audit or IT needs assessment offer, and the sales call will involve a contract for future work.


1. The client will turn out to be just using you to gain information – free advice. These people are typically not the type that have ever paid for IT service, and have no plans to pay for it in the near future. You need to get rid of them immediately.

2. The client is just shopping for the best price. This type of sales call is just a bid solicitation, and the client will not actually want your services. They just want to know how much services like yours might cost.

Sales calls are an important part of business, and some will end on a positive note and further your company, while others might just waste your time. Don’t engage in hard selling techniques. Let the client come to you and be able to identify what type of sales call you are on so you can best use your time.

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