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Monday, December 04, 2006

Business Growth: You Need to Control Your Rate to Succeed!

Every business owner wants to see excellent business growth. But during startup, your business growth rate has to be relative to your ability to keep up with launch-related tasks. You can’t afford to get swamped in a way that causes you to cut corners or you will suffer in the future.

Taking control of your rate of business growth is challenging, and even more challenging when you are moonlighting. With moonlighting you will have a lot going on because you will have work issues and business issues.


You need to micro-manage during startup to plan major projects. For example, if you sell a 10-node network, you will probably quote it based on the number of hours for server installation, cabling infrastructure, taking care of the ISP and phone company and then the desktop. Controlling business growth means taking this calculation one step further and making an hourly spreadsheet to account for weekly hours.


1. Put your total hours and tasks into a spreadsheet.

2. Break down each of the tasks week by week.

3. Make an estimate of how many hours you need per item during the week.

4. Add extra time for unanticipated challenges.

5. Add administrative task time, work and family responsibilities and leisure time requirements into the spreadsheet.

Structured planning exercises help you control business growth because you will clearly see when you are going too far with your time. When you are overextended you are stressed and therefore will be less effective as a business manager or service provider.

Controlling business growth means taking control of all your work. If you look at projects in smaller pieces and fit projects in with other responsibilities, you will do better with your business.

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