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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

IT Audits: What’s the Difference Between Features and Benefits?

IT audits are hard to sell because there can be a lot of resistance from small business clients. In order to sell IT audits, you have to present an array of features and benefits to answer questions about why IT audits are a necessity.

When you present benefits of IT audits, use them in marketing and advertising activities. A features and benefits list can help enhance fliers, postcards, emails and other items for your business.

Features of IT Audits

1. A review of an existing network;

2. An assessment of PC configurations;

3. An examination of telco circuits;

4. An analysis of policies regarding IT for the business;

5. Data security analysis and data protection techniques;

6. A list of common data loss risks.

While identifying features helps a small business, these features don’t tell a client why he/she should have IT audits. Benefits are what answer the question of “why?”

Benefits of IT Audits

1. An understanding of what the client already owns;

2. Knowledge of the limitations of what the client owns;

3. An awareness of the weaknesses that are part of the client’s systems;

4. The real potential that could be used more efficiently;

5. The ability to get better benefits from existing IT functions;

6. The ability to take steps to stop disruptions and emergency downtime;

7. Better control and safety in regards to intellectual property of a company;

8. Awareness of potential exposure to hacking, viruses or anything else that would compromise a network.

Benefits are the value added items that are part of IT audits and what you should stress when selling them to clients.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg