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Monday, December 11, 2006

Product Ideas: How Do You Know What to Provide?

It’s not easy to decide what product ideas or other items your business will provide. When starting a computer business, many don’t totally think about product ideas, but planning this element of a business is extremely important.

How do you decide on a product idea or service? Some think you first need to assess your technology skills. When you know your strengths, you will more easily arrive at a product idea and service that fits you, right?

Wrong. Many new business owners forget to think about the most important thing when figuring out product ideas: customers’ needs.

Two Ways to Look at Product Ideas and Services

First Approach

1. Find a platform with which you like to work that is also a product idea or service everyone wants and needs.

2. Go and read all the books you can on the topic you choose for your product idea.

3. Go to every workshop and conference about the product idea or service.

4. Get ready for and then write a certification exam that will help with your credentials once you decide to offer this service or product idea.

Second Approach

1. Talk to business owners and managers that might need your IT services on a regular basis.

2. Ask them what types of services or product ideas they might be interested in within the next year.

Approach one will mean you have to sell clients on product ideas and services, whereas with approach number 2 the product ideas and services will sell themselves because they are based very directly on the needs of clients.

The bottom line is, your product ideas and services have to come from your clients’ needs. If they don’t, you will have a hard time selling what you are offering.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg