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Saturday, March 31, 2007

IT Certifications Your Clients Expect for the Best Support

Small businesses in your sweet spot will need specific support and IT certifications, along with strong desktop support and some LAN skills.

IT Certifications: What Help Do Clients Need?

Sweet spot clients will need help with basic desktop applications including Microsoft Office, Intuit QuickBooks and Interact ACT! They will also need help with hardware upgrades and setting up shared folder backup software. They will need to keep antivirus and firewall software current, and will probably have needs when it comes to syncing PDAs with different programs. Networks will also need attention.

IT Certifications and Micro Small Business Needs

Micro small businesses – those with less than ten PCs with peer-to-peer networks – will not require extensive IT certifications. In this area of small business, IT certifications can sometimes be negative; owners do not want to pay for too many qualifications.

IT Certifications and Real IT Managers

When you encounter larger small businesses with 50 or more systems, you will have more advanced IT buyers. IT certifications will be more important to IT managers of small businesses because they typically know what the different IT certifications mean.

Real IT managers are probably certified and will be looking specifically for niched experts instead of IT generalists. These IT managers usually do the general work in-house, so they do not need a full virtual IT department, rather a supplement to their skills.

A client may have a Microsoft Exchange Server installation need. The IT manager will want a consulting firm with IT certifications that are related to forms or Java-based applications – something related to the Microsoft Exchange Server Message Store. Regardless, the IT manager will want someone with specialty IT certifications that can get a specific job done properly.

IT Certifications

Sweet spot clients present a special opportunity for IT specialists. Put the most focus on the 10-50 PC space, which is big enough for advanced solutions but small enough to not require incredibly advanced IT certifications.

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