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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Computer Consulting Business and Hardware Warranties

When trying to run a computer consulting business, you can’t waste valuable time and your clients’ budgets trying to work through problems with a monitor or CD-RW drive. If your computer consulting business is so large that you have senior-level and technician-level staff, you will be able to work through these problems efficiently.

But what if you are a one-person company? In this case, you would be wise to let your PC vendor’s tech support staff handle hardware warranty repairs using national service providers.

What is Warranty Service?

When you are a computer consulting business, you need to know how long the warranty period is for hardware. You also need to know if it covers parts and labor and what the response time will be on the service.

Is the vendor going to pressure your clients to do their own work? And will your clients be willing t pay your computer consulting firm to do it?

Hardware Warranty Service Calls

You should have your clients’ internal gurus do the scheduling for hardware warranty service calls so that they are at the same time as computer consulting business you might be doing. At the very least, your clients’ gurus need to be present to supervise the hardware technicians.

You Need to Get Involved

You have to think about how involved you want to be as a computer consulting business when it comes to managing hardware warranty repairs. Sometimes getting fully involved, end-to-end makes sense. Other times, you might be better off training internal gurus to make the vendor tech support calls and supervise hardware warranty repairs.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg