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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Virtual IT and the World of Computer Consulting

If you own a computer consulting company, chances are you are looking for opportunities to build your relationships with small businesses and better understand the value of virtual IT.

Most Computer Consulting Companies Get Virtual IT All Wrong

Most computer consulting business owners don’t work as efficiently as they could because they get too obsessed with technology and don’t pay enough attention to the real meaning of bringing virtual IT solutions to small businesses. If you don’t fully understand how to run a computer consulting business, you will not achieve longevity. Keeping small business clients needs to be your first priority as a consultant, and keeping abreast of the latest tech advancements can’t get in the way of this priority.

Don’t get sidetracked by hardware, operating systems or applications. Instead get sidetracked by business opportunities that determine how you will solve clients’ biggest business problems with virtual IT solutions.

Combine Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

The concept of virtual IT should be at the heart of your business. This allows your computer consulting company to work as an integral part of your small business cleints’ companies. Your computer consulting company needs to be an outsourced IT department for small businesses. You will become the CIO, CTO or IT manager for your small business clients.

Like any great internal IT department, your virtual IT business will need to have a complete solution for clients that includes help desk, desktop support, network admin, engineering, security, training, procurement and asset management. Anything less than a total virtual IT solution will leave computer consulting earnings up for grabs.

The Main Point about Virtual IT

Computer consulting companies often make mistakes when they work with their small businesses because they get too wrapped up in technology and not wrapped up enough in business solutions and the real idea behind virtual IT. Virtual IT should be at the core of every solution provided to clients.

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