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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

IT Sales Copy to Get You Going

Effective IT sales copy is essential to any marketing plan. If you want to get customers to the next step, you need to get maximum impact with your copywriting.

If you create compelling text, long IT sales copy is fine; you can even have a letter that is several pages long and includes endorsements and testimonials. Just stay away from jargon and IT speak and focus on BUSNIESS, which is what your prospects will know.

You should also show with IT sales copy that your business guarantees satisfaction. Personalize your letter and create a common connection to make sure you are creating compelling reasons for prospects to get in touch.

Make Sure Your IT Sales Copy Gets Through

A lot of IT sales letters can end up in the garbage, because a lot of people read their mail near the garbage can. If your piece of mail is not eye catching, it will be trashed, and you will have wasted time and money.

You need to make sure part of your IT sales copy gives people multiple points of contact – fax, phone, Web site and e-mail address. You need to make sure prospects have options and can get in touch with you in the way they feel most comfortable.

Are You Creating a Sense of Urgency?

You need to set a deadline with your IT sales letter to create a real sense of urgency. If you don’t have a deadline, even if prospects ARE interested, they will file it away and forget about it.

Present a call to action or special offer that asks prospects to call before X date to book a free, no obligation security checkup or some other compelling free offer that is of value to them. Give prospects a reason to react to your IT sales campaign immediately!

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