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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Your Computer Business Plan: Helpful Tips

As you develop your computer business plan, you need to be prepared to go to a lot of meetings, shake a lot of hands and make a lot of follow-up phone calls. You will also be developing display ads, direct mail pieces and doing a lot of targeted marketing activities.

You need to be realistic about your computer business plan and make sure that you prepare for the decisions you will have to make. The following truths and tips can help you think carefully about how to proceed:

1. Franchises don’t mean pain-free, easy startup or ready-made clients. You’re not getting a client list on a silver platter! You also lose some control because you have to do things a certain way, according to pre-set rules.

2. If you want clients with your business, you need to base your computer business plan on buying a current business, and this is going to cost you a lot more than buying a franchise. How much? A small, thriving IT consulting firm will run you between a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars.

3. Think about start-up costs as part of your computer business plan. Starting your own firm is possible for just a few thousand dollars, and you can work efficiently with just a home office. Make sure you are prepared for the little extras, such as business cards, legal licensing registrations, attorney and accountant fees, etc.

Today we talked a little bit about developing your computer business plan. To learn more about computer business plans and how you can decide on the right type of IT company for you, be sure to sign up for the free sample excerpts at the attached link from the Computer Consulting Kit!

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