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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Computer Business: HP Redesigns Company in Favor of Smartphones

Hewlett Packard stated on February 13 that it would be splitting its hand-held device sector from its notebook-computer sector. To help make for a smooth transition, HP has hired a new staff with new leadership to head off the project. Former senior director of corporate development at Sun Microsystems, Inc., Dave Rothschild has been named the new head of the hand-held division according to a Wall Street Journal report.

As a response to questions about this initiative, HP will report its earnings publicly on Wednesday, February 15.

The redesign of the company will help HP benefit from the rapid growth of the “smartphone,” a new mobile technology that allows users to make calls and check email, along with many other functions, while on the go. When CEO Mark Hurd took over the company in March 2005, he began the redesign of the hand-held devices and notebook-computer divisions, and has stated that he now hopes to make the smartphone and other mobile, hand-held devices a priority for HP.

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