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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Computer Consulting News: Premiere Global Services Executive Randy Leigh Receives Pace Award

On February 1, Premiere Global Services executive Randy Leigh was honored as the 2005 TeleSpan Pace Award. The award, delivered annually, honors teleconferencing professionals that have been prominent in their field for a decade or more.

According to the founder and publisher of TeleSpan Eliot Gold, Leigh’s focus on customer-based innovative conferencing systems and his technical expertise led to his receipt of the prestigious award. Gold further stated that virtually no other figure in technological foundations and advances in the voice conferencing market has been as critical as Leigh.

Leigh has more than 15 years’ experience in software development and in other technology-related fields. He oversees all technology advancements that takes place in the systems development and research departments of Premiere Global Services. Leigh joined the company in 1998 after working as a project leader at Lacerte Software (now Intuit), where he was instrumental in developing cutting edge Windows-based tax software. While at Premiere Global, Leigh has helped design countless conferencing products that have helped simplify the business lives of clients and help them communicate more efficiently.

Premiere Global Services, Inc. is an Atlanta-based, global provider of business process solutions that help clients simplify their critical business processes and also allow improve their communication capabilities.

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