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Monday, February 06, 2006

IT Marketing: Ways to Put Your Company Out There

Selling a solution as a consultant through an IT marketing plan to a community of clients takes two primary steps. The first step is building awareness of the problem to be solved, and the second is building awareness in the community that your firm can solve that problem. Not only do you have to convince others that your firm can address the issue, no matter how complex, but you also have to let them know you will be able to do it in the most painless and efficient way possible.


Seminar marketing is an excellent IT marketing strategy because it has the express purpose of making others aware of your firm in a very time-efficient manner. Instead of sending salespeople out to individual clients, or going out yourself, you get the benefit of having a large group of prospects in the room at the same time.

Seminar marketing also takes the pressure off your potential clients because they are not put on the spot individually; they can simply listen to the information you provide and decide for themselves how they feel about your solutions. With the right communication of your skills and problem solving plan, and the right registration and follow-up plan, you can drum up a great deal of business through these seminars delivered to clients within your niche.


Publishing a white paper report or an E-zine is also a great IT marketing strategy and one that will help you get leads and capture the attention of potential clients. For example, if you have a direct mail campaign, it helps to have something tangible and valuable to include for prospects besides just the letter you send. You can develop the white paper yourself, outsource a freelance writer or simply write something based on marketing seminars you do.


Once you come up with a white paper or E-zine, make getting it out there an essential part of your IT marketing campaign. Include it in any mailings you send, or advertise its existence in print ads. The promise of a paper about your company will spark prospect interest and increase their desire to call you for it or go online and request something. And once prospects come to you, you have a great excuse to capture their information and start a relationship.

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