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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Solution Providers: Motorola Improves MotoMesh Network

Motorola recently announced its MotoMesh network solution is now widely available, and stated its upcoming plans to launch a new channel program next quarter to help boost its visibility and success in the rapidly advancing mesh market.

The program emerged after Motorola’s 2004 acquisition of the Florida-based Mesh Networks, which already had 15 mobile broadband VARs. It is one of the leading mesh-based solution providers on the market.

The MotoMesh program will include two levels, Gold and Silver, both dependent upon volume. It will also have both co-marketing and co-branding features. MotoMesh is system intended to provide simultaneous Wi-Fi access and connectivity service to public safety agencies.

Each access point available through the program offers two Wi-Fi radios and two of Motorola’s Mesh Enabled Architecture (MEA) radios. The access point operates in channels reserved for emergency personnel.

Terry Brown, Marketing Manager at Viasys, a Motorola Partner in Lakeland, Florida, says the Mesh Network strategy was to engage experienced integrators and allow them to be involved in all elements of the process from winning the projects to selling, servicing and installing. The main idea of the program is to give Motorola the opportunity to be an extra set of hands for the vendor, who doesn’t typically have field experience.

The MotoMesh solution works excellently for vehicles in motion, a feature attributed to its 802.20a technology, a rapidly growing mobile broadband standard that makes it possible to stream technologically heavy and complex broadband content to a vehicle moving up to 100 miles per hour.

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