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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Computer Franchises: Preparing for a Franchise Expo

You can find computer franchises by going to franchise expositions, but you have to prepare for them in order to minimize being overwhelmed by the options and narrow down your search. Since exhibitors go to these expos in order to sell their franchise, you need to prepare to know exactly how to find a franchise that will fit your needs and abilities. Attending a franchise exposition is a fantastic method by which to familiarize yourself with the options available to you.


The first bit of preparation involved figuring out how much you can invest so when you get there you know what computer franchises are even within your realm of possibilities. You will know not to waste precious time talking to a sales person if his franchise fee is outside your budget and will be able to move forward to those that are affordable.


Some computer franchises will brag about high earnings and profits at expose to lure you. While some might be telling the truth, some might be exaggerating to get your attention. If you insist on seeing proof of their earnings, you will find out quickly the truth of the matter and be able to move onto another franchise if they cannot provide legitimate substantiation.


Franchise expositions offer so many computer franchises that it can be easy for you to forget all the details. If you take careful notes on each option you find, you will be more easily able to review your choices after the expo is over. Taking brochures and pamphlets is also a good idea, along with obtaining contact names and numbers in case you have questions afterwards.


Don’t be pressured into signing contracts or giving deposits at the expo itself. You need the time after the expo to interview franchises outside the excitement of the expo and get general feedback and opinions. You also would be wise to hire an attorney to look carefully through contracts and the disclosure document to make sure it is in order. Since computer franchises are a giant investment, you need to know the computer franchise you choose is absolutely right for you.

When attending a franchise expo, you need to be both informed and objective. If you know what to expect beforehand you will be able to make the right decisions during and afterwards.

Blogged By: Joshua Feinberg