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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Packaging IT Service Agreements

You need to think about the specifics when packaging your IT service agreements. You need to think about whether you will offer them at a fixed price or base them on a retainer or a pre-paid block of time. Fixed-price IT service agreements can be challenging because you have to predict the needs of your clients, and therefore most small business computer consultants will not have the skill or ability to accomplish this.


The following are important factors to consider when packaging your IT service agreements:

1. What real benefits can you offer?
2. What can you give clients that will make signing the agreements more attractive?
3. What will make prospects want to sign IT service agreements without a second thought?


The key to answering the questions above lies in the benefits you offer prospects as a part of IT service agreements.

One benefit you can offer is speedy response time, whether for on-site service, phone or for remote support. Another benefit is on-going, scheduled maintenance, either remote or dialing in directly to check logs on occasion. An hourly discount is also a bit benefit that will usually push prospects over the edge when they are wondering whether to sign IT service agreements. Waiving premiums for after-hour service or emergency work is also something that will attract potential clients.

Benefits are the key to packaging and getting clients to quickly sign IT service agreements, but you need to be specific about what you can offer and make sure you can actually give them what you are offering and that it meets their needs.

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