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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Becoming a Full Time IT Consultant

If you are spending days at a full-time job and nights working as an IT consultant, there are a couple important rules to keep in mind before you decide on a full-time IT consulting career. These rules will help you avoid common mistakes made by any IT consultant that tries to transition to full-time without establishing a plan.


Many part-time IT consultants are at first so excited about the idea of being self-employed that they never stop to think about the full picture and the future of their income. You need to start out planning for how you will sustain yourself and take care of expenses, taxes and other issues in the future.


Although as a part-time IT consultant, you might dream of becoming full-time, you will not get there without planning ahead for when and how the transition will happen. Planning is everything, and you need to make sure you outline the transition instead of jumping into it without thinking.

As a moonlighting IT consultant, plan ahead for the transition and carefully determine options for income and other factors that will come into play. Don’t shy away from the experience or take huge risks without thinking, and you will experience the best possible transition into the world of IT consulting.

Added By: Joshua Feinberg