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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Computer Business Innovations: New Snack Line Appeals to Internet Users

New to the computer business world is a new computer-themed snack line geared towards Internet users and computer professionals. Initiated by husband and wife team Joe and Angela Potts, the line of products will be specifically marketed towards computer business professionals and Internet lovers.

The first released candy will be “Dot.Coms,” milk chocolate dots followed by “Hacker Snackers” which will be shaped like various computer business hardware components, including floppy disks, mice and computer towers. Joe Potts decided to put out the snack line after spending years running a computer consulting business and computer business store. He states that the snacking habits of his former computer business employees gave him the idea.

The product line has been in the making for five years, and will be shelved on thousands of stores nationwide within the month. Potts stated that the company is currently manufacturing the product at an Ohio chocolate factory, but shipping, packaging and marketing is being done elsewhere. He hopes to expand the product line to at least twelve products and would like to see the entire manufacturing process move to the same location as his business in Harrisburg, PA.

The business devoted to bringing snacks to those in the computer business currently has twelve employees, but Potts expects opportunities to grow, due to the fact that he is already having to turn down offers made by stores wanting to stock the product.

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