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Monday, April 10, 2006

Computer Consultants and Perks of Self-Employment

Computer consultants for small businesses can enjoy great personal and financial rewards along with many other benefits.


Because you have so much flexibility as part of the growing number of computer consultants, you will have many options available to you that will keep you busy and allow you to make your own decisions about which technologies you sell, service and support. You don’t ever have to work with products that don’t excite you or keep you interested.


Your location is unimportant when you are part of the world of computer consultants. If there are small businesses in your area in any industry, you can build a great business with them supporting IT needs. While financial rewards are a part of this experience, an even bigger part is being able to stay in your local area and avoid hassles like commuting and traveling to places where you don’t know people well.


Simply put, computer consultants get to choose their own bosses, clients, colleagues, partners, vendors and contractors. They have absolute control over their own network.


Computer consultants get the opportunity to set their own working hours and decide when to be on-call. As a consultant, you can choose the perfect clients for you that will let you work realistic hours and avoid feeling like you are just working constantly.


IT consultants serve small businesses without IT departments that need your help and to trust you implicitly. Because, as their part-time virtual IT person, you are their main contact and support, they will rely on you and you will feel the weight and importance of this role. Being self-employed can be rewarding, exciting and help you enjoy getting up every morning.

Added by: Joshua Feinberg